Introduction to STACK-IT

Information about the main functions of STACK-IT and how to set up the software for your company. Use these videos to train new employees, answer questions about a specific topic, or to introduce STACK-IT to your company.

Play Welcome to STACK-IT Essentials 5:15 min 19 MB MP4

Learn the main screens and functions of STACK-IT. Includes tips for new users.

Play button Loading Parts Essentials 10:03 min 27 MB MP4

Add and customize the parts available to you in your version of STACK-IT.

Play button Creating Relationships Essentials 13:35 min 34 MB MP4

Create a new relationship, select position components, and adjust the position settings.

Play button Creating an Estimate Essentials 12:49 min 38 MB MP4

Create a new estimate, add multiple structures, and adjust the price.

Play button Printing Estimates and Shop Drawings Essentials 6:33 min 22 MB MP4

Customize the page layout of estimates, print estimates, and create shop drawings.

Bid Item Manager

This series explores Bid Item Manager and its capability to categorize structures into groups to match your customer's bid schedule. Topics include an introduction to Bid Item Manager, daily operations, and advanced aspects of customization.

Play Defining Bid Items Essentials 5:29 min 42 MB MP4

Explore the purpose of the Bid Item Manager. See how to define bid items and the printing options available for Bid Item Tallies.

Play Assigning and Sorting Bid Items Foundations 7:39 min 27 MB MP4

Detailed examination of how bid items are defined. Includes automatic and manual operation. Also includes checking bid item assignments and sorting structures by bid item.

Play Customizing Rules and Using Tally Modes Advanced 6:10 min 34 MB MP4

Customizing the rules that govern how Bid Items are assigned. How to control pricing with price overrides. Examine the concepts of "Tally Modes" for complex requirements.

Line Item Manager

Play Introduction to Line Item Manager Essentials 10:24 min 36 MB MP4

This video explores Line Item Manager and its capability to include a list of ancillary parts in a quote. It demonstrates how to include line items in a quote, organize these parts into bid item groups, and print quotes that display line items.

Price Adjust Manager

This series explores Price Adjust Manager and its capability to manage the pricing applied to a quote. Topics include an introduction to Price Adjust Manager, creating pricing strategies and presets for use in multiple quotes.

Play Introduction to Price Adjust Manager Essentials 12:16 min 44 MB MP4

Explore the purpose of the Price Adjust Manager. See how to create global price adjustments and part specific price adjustments.

Play Pricing Strategies and Presets Foundations 9:00 min 33 MB MP4

Detailed examination of two fundamental pricing patterns of use. Also includes creating and using pricing presets.

Build Dimensions Panel

Play button Build Dimensions Panel Foundations 13:05 min 49 MB MP4

This video illustrates how to use the Detail Build screen. It demonstrates the data entry process for lift stations and offset pipes, and describes how to configure the Build screen data grid to match your unique needs.

File Selector Screen

Play button File Selector Screen Essentials 5:43 min 27 MB MP4

This video describes the detailed operation of the Quote Open screen, including an introduction to the key elements of the screen. It provides instructions on sorting columns as well as using the search capabilities.

Build & Opening Designer

Play button Build & Opening Designer Foundations 16:47 min 32 MB MP4

A video that demonstrates how to use the Top Opening Designer panel, describes the Build screen panel, and explores enhancements on the View screen.