Stack Construction:

Agency specific: DOT/County/City/Contractor

STACK-IT remembers and applies specific customer requirements when building structures. Enter in a customer’s unique requirements once, and they are saved for future use. This reduces errors and speeds up the quote and takeoff process.

Round, Square, and Rectangular structures

STACK-IT works with structures of all shapes and sizes.

Unit of Measures: Imperial and Metric

STACK-IT can receive either imperial or metric input and will convert it automatically to the unit of measure selected.

Circular and Elliptical pipes

Pipes, connectors, and hole penetrations can be defined as circular, elliptical, or rectangular.

Pipe to Structure seam collision avoidance, hard & soft

STACK-IT always works to avoid putting a pipe in a vertical seam. You can also customize the settings to avoid pipe penetrations in a specific area around the seam. When collisions cannot be avoided, you can select whether STACK-IT completes the structure (and displays the collision) or aborts the stacking process.

Percent of Grade: automatic invert elevation adjustment

When a percent of grade is specified, STACK-IT calculates the hole elevation at the wall required to maintain the flow elevation at the centerline of the structure.

Structure hole elevations automatically maintain invert elevation

STACK-IT automatically calculates and positions the hole penetrations to maintain the flow line at the specified elevation.

On-Screen Digital Protractor: electronic plan takeoff

The On-Screen Digital Protractor measures angles and transfers them directly into STACK-IT, increasing speed and accuracy. When you return to a structure later, the protractor will automatically update to reflect the current angles in the structure. Use the protractor with CAD drawings, PDF files, as a wide range of viewers used with downloaded plan files.

Manual Stack Adjustment for detailed control

STACK-IT provides the ability to override the automatic stacking processes to accommodate highly unusual circumstances.

Top Opening position and rotation processing

STACK-IT provides the flexibility to move the position of the top opening on a structure. If needed, the top opening can be rotated as well. The dimensions of the opening position can be printed on shop drawings.

Stencil cutting machine capability (Bren & Diagraph)

With STACK-IT you can custom design templates for a stencil. Once the design is finalized, STACK-IT can directly operate a stencil machine. (Compatible with Bren and Diagraph brand machines.)

Freight and Unloading charge computation

STACK-IT can automatically calculate how many truckloads of freight will be required to deliver the parts. It can also calculate the unloading charges based on the vertical height of the parts.

Drawings and Printing:

Catalog of Drawing & Data-Table layouts included

There are 15 different print layouts included with STACK-IT. All of these layouts can be copied and customized to meet your unique requirements. This allows you to create a set of custom layouts.

Include/Exclude Structure Prices & Weights

Including or excluding prices and weights on a given printout is an easy change to make. Simply select a checkbox before printing.

Tally Sheet: Parts, Prices or Weights, Totals

Tally sheets provide a list of all parts required to build selected structures. STACK-IT comes with a variety of tally sheet layouts for immediate use. These layouts can be copied and customized to meet your unique requirements.

Shop Drawing Options with configurable View information

Shop drawings are customizable on multiple levels. Each drawing is composed of several views and you can select which views are displayed. The individual views also have a range of configuration options, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and customization.

Zero Degree Position (3-6-9-12 o’clock), Rotation (CW or CCW)

The location of the zero position, as well as the direction of rotation, can be changed easily.

Print bases inverted for manufacturing

When desirable, shop drawings for bases can be printed showing the part upside down to match the angles required for setting hole formers.

Report Layout Configurator: Create, change, customize layouts

Users have control over report layouts and can create new layouts and modify existing layouts to meet their needs.

Systems Integration:

Network aware operations: shared data & report layouts

Data and quote files can be located on network resources to make them available to multiple users. This allows all users to work off of the same set of data. Locating data and quote files on the network reduces maintenance requirements.

Office and Remote support: home & away data synchronization

STACK-IT has the ability to synchronize offline files with the files located on the server.

Configurable quote data exporting & stock price importing

Highly flexible exporting capabilities allow STACK-IT to transfer data to a wide range of other business systems. This includes ERP, sales order inventory systems, and more.