Changing Units of Measure

The units of measure are configured using the Setup screen. Select the Unit_of_Measure_SETUP option and click the CONFIGURE UNITS setting. The units of measure Configuration screen will be displayed. (See Figure 1.)

The screen provides the capability of setting the units to be used for IMPERIAL, METRIC, and CUSTOM measurement systems. The CUSTOM measurements settings allow mixing Imperial and Metric units of measure. (See Figure 2.)

For each of the three categories selected (Imperial, Metric, Custom), the desired units of measure for each of the different types of data.

One data type, Catalog ID, has a unique option called "No Conversion." This settings should be selected whenever there are parts defined (in the Stock screen) that have a Catalog ID containing values that should not be converted, such as a part number or any other value containing letters, dashes or other special characters.


Figure 1

Figure 2